picture of grandad at wedding cropped

In Memory of my Grandad, David Diston.

My Grandad was a very talented musician and a businessman, and a huge inspiration to me. His passing prompted me to look at what I have already achieved in the music industry and what I can do. In today's age in the music industry it is very difficult for emerging artists to break through. The Fidget Music mission is to help bring new talent to the forefront alongside our existing work with already established artists. I think he would be proud with what I am doing in his memory.

So, a bit about my Grandad. Whilst serving in the RAF he joined a brass band, going on to play at The Albert Hall. After the RAF he continued to play in brass bands including his favourite, the Salvation Army Brass band. Later he formed the Warwickshire Masonic Brass Band, his pride and joy. He put a lot of time into the band, which represented the Warwickshire Masonic Lodges in Queen Street, London; not everyone would know what an honour that was. He was also a founder member of the vice presidents club at Coventry City Football Club and contributed much time and effort to charity, including work for Baby Lifeline and as an active member and president of the Coventry Lions.

Some of my first memories of my Grandad are him taking me to the theatre to pantomines. I remember clearly when he took me on my first ever roller coaster experience, which was the Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris when I was a kid.

In the 1980s he become well known and respected in Coventry when he ran a carpet shop on the Holbrook Lane.

RIP Grandad, - This one's for you x