Fidget Music is a multi genre label supporting rising artists from around the world. The Fidget brand was born in 2002 in the heart of England in Coventry. It started with a weekly after-hours club opening Sunday mornings at 3am. Soon after came the recording studio and then the record label, Fidget Records. The label was a big success, with worldwide distribution of physical items such as Vinyls and CD's, and international licensing to major labels, including Sony BMG, and Universal.

Over the last decade the studio has risen to playing a vital role for many, international artists. We feel it's time to share the love and the luck - the music industry has changed and it has become increasingly difficult for talented people to break through. Our mission is to help bring new talent to the forefront alongside our work with already established artists.

Fidget Black is our release platform for emerging artists, and new music across all of the underground and commercially viable genres. From Hard House, to Hardcore. From Tropical to Trap. We would like this to be a platform for artists to experiment, whilst having the option of cross promotion on the main fidget labels where music with emerging sounds can be pushed to the mainstream media and radio stations.

Fidget Black will sign tracks in non-exclusive a way that leaves the actual rights of the music with the artist. The artists will be free to sign any future deals with whomever they like. A better deal for the artist, a better deal for their music.

Send us your music via our demos page.

Meet the team:

  • Executive Producer - Projects - Lee 'The President' Hepworth

Lee Hepworth

I’m label manager for Fidget Music - I look after coordinating, scheduling and promoting releases

I also overseeing day-to-day running of other areas such as licensing our tracks to other labels..

  • Contracts Manager: Paul 'theaardvark'

Paul 'theaardvark'

I’m A&R at Fidget Music - I'm responsible for discovering new talent and managing contracts for all aspects of Fidget Music and Fidget Group.

I also host the Fidget Radio show

  • Executive Producer - Artists - Lady J

Lady J

I am the artist manager for Fidget. My role is in setting up collaborations on our releases. I also handle the live performances for our artists at venues all around the world



  • PR and Press Officer - Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor

Hi, I’m Sharon,

Day to day, I am responsible for increasing the profile of Fidget Group, and associates, by promoting their activities and news through appropriate media and communiation channels.

  • Technical Director / Founder - Barry Diston

Barry Diston

Fidget Music In-House Engineer, Barry Diston, has engineered music across the spectrum landing on many of the biggest labels in the scene, including Sony BMG, Universal, Spinnin Records and Ministry of Sound,

Over recent years I have landed myself in the very fortunate position of being able to work every day doing something I love, working behind the scenes with talented music artists from all over the world.