Ste Essence - Fidget Music Release Artwork


Fidget Music, a multi-genre label supporting rising artists from around the world, is preparing a multiple-single release for Tuesday, April 26. The pre-summer release will include five eclectic mixes of Ste Essence’s cover of ‘Seek Bromance’.

The song, originally written and recorded by Tim Berg (now known as ‘Avicii.’) in 2010, has been covered by the DJ Ste Essence and features the powerhouse vocals of Vicky Jackson. Fidget Music artists Paul Morrell, Duplex, Mau Kilauea, and Barry Diston have all remixed the creation for the release in their own unique styles. From Kilauea’s tropical, easy breezing remix to Diston’s hard-hitting dub rendition, Fidget artists have yet again proved the dramatic creative lengths to which they can stretch a single song into several new entirely new interpretations.

The project by Ste Essence and Vicky Jackson, the basis upon which all these remixes are built, is an exciting endeavor as well. The 20 year industry veteran DJ has created new melodies and progressions in his take on ‘Seek Bromance.’ Thus, it’s an entirely different beast from the original, making this project particularly exciting.


Fidget Music and the artists in this release can be found online at the following places:

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